Work policy & regulations

Kidz Management

From the moment that your child's photos have been included in our archive and the external characteristics, address and telephone numbers, etc. have also been added, your child can be called up as a model for Kidz Management.

Kidz Management acts as a mediator between client and model. A booking is an agreement between the client and the model, this can be photo and / or videography, but sometimes also a fitting (fitting session).

In addition, Kidz Management is an exclusive agency where your child can only accept bookings if this has been arranged through Kidz Management. It is therefore not allowed to be registered with multiple agencies in The Netherlands or to accept external bookings yourself for bookings in The Netherlands.


With 'Being in option' we mean that we will send you a request with as much information as possible about the assignment and the possible date of the assignment. If you are available, we will pass it on to the customer and an 'option' has been taken on your child. This means that the customer has the intention to book your child and would like to be assured that your child is available on the specified date. As soon as the option is converted into a final booking, you will hear from Kidz Management as soon as possible. It sometimes happens that an option does not become a booking, unfortunately this is also part of it.

Requests are sometimes made 4 weeks before the date of the assignment, but can also be immediately the next day or a few days after the request date.


The rules for applying for a work permit are different per country, what applies to the Netherlands and which documents are required for a work application may be different in Spain for example. For your child, the rules for applying for a work permit depends in which country the shoot/assignment takes place. It is therefore always the rules that apply in the country where the shoot/assignment takes place.

Important: Applying for an exemption is always the responsibility of the client.


Once your child has been booked, you will receive the following information from us by email:

  • what the product or subject is;
  • where, when and what time the booking is;
  • how long the recording will take approximately (never more than 4 hours);
  • what the fee is;
  • whether travel expenses are reimbursed;
  • and what you should take with you in terms of clothing and accessories.


The customer always request us emphatically not to come to the studio/location with more than one parent as accompaniment. You never have to report that it is a first assignment. It is very important to show up at the shoot location 10 minutes before call time. If you know you're not going to make it on the call time, we'd love to hear about it. If the call time is after 09:00, please send us a message. If the call time is before 09:00 also please send us a message and you will automatically receive a message in Whatsapp with a telephone number, please call this number and inform the new arrival time. We will then contact the customer and provide the arrival time.

No-show: if you do not show up for the shoot, you will be fined €175. A photo shoot often means a long wait. We want to prepare you for this and therefore advise you to bring a good book, food and drinks and toys for the children. For babies also a mat to change your child on and a pram where the baby can sleep in and other supplies that may be necessary for the day.

At the shoot location, certain things may turn out differently than agreed. Due to unforeseen factors, it may happen that appointments are postponed or rescheduled on site. You can only be sure that the assignment is a “wrap” when the camera stops and you indicate that everything is correct. The fee or any other money matters will never be discussed with the client or other models in the studio.

Should it happen that a photographer/production employee approaches you or your child directly or unexpectedly wants to have a model statement signed, please contact us immediately. Even if something happens in the studio for which you are completely unprepared. For assignments with children, it sometimes happens that our customer calls up several children (back-up) and ultimately one child is used in the assignment. This is because the customer obviously wants to limit his risk. We often know this in advance and we will inform you accordingly. In addition, never share your private address and telephone number, but always the number of Kidz Management!


We strive for clarity with regard to the financial compensation. We ask you to ensure that we do indeed provide you with this clarity. We would like to hear from you if there are any questions, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The payments for the bookings are made 2 to 3 months after the booking has been done. Our aim is to make the payment within this period, provided that the client has paid the invoice.


In order to be able to invoice quickly, it is important that you inform us of the following after the photo shoot-assignment.

  • The number of kilometers driven to and from the shoot location
  • Parking costs incurred including a receipt or a screenshot of a parking or payment app. (No reimbursement is possible without a receipt)

Sometimes other costs are also reimbursed, such as meals and hotel stays. If this is the case, you can always find this in the confirmation email that you always receive from us before the shoot takes place.

Kidz Management will then invoice the client for the agreed fee and any travel expenses. In the event of non-payment of the invoice by the client, Kidz Management has no obligation to pay the agreed Fee, as Kidz Management is an intermediary and not a client.

If the client wants to purchase extra options with regard to the material shot, a surcharge will be added on top of the previously agreed fee and we call this a buy-out. You will often receive a buy-out fee later than the agreed Fee. This is because after the shoot, the images must first be looked at and it must be determined where and when they will be used. A buy-out is therefore only paid out once everything is known.

Of course we are also very curious about the progress of the assignment, so we would like to hear how it went afterwards! We have close contact with our clients and find it very important for all parties to keep the assignments of high quality and to continue to satisfy both customers and children/parents.


The customer chooses models based on photos and sizes, so it is very important that the material of the model/your child is always up to date. Every 3 months we therefore ask for a size update. If anything changes in the meantime, such as a hair cut, braces, dyed, permed or de-curled hair, we would like to know! We appreciate regular contact, especially in this context. So please report external changes in the app and preferably with photos. The following applies to babies and toddlers: refresh the photos by e-mail (productions@kidzmanagement.nl) at least 3 times a year. At least 4 portrait photos and 1 of the whole body and please always state the name and the new sizes when updating.


We appreciate it if you inform us if you go on holiday or are unavailable for a long time. We would also like to hear this in case of long-term illness.


It can of course happen, accidents or other kind of obstacles. However, please realize that a booking involves many people and there is a lot of money and time involved in a production. If, for whatever reason, something happens at the last minute, please call us immediately. The telephone number is: 06-34446000.

The moment your child is registered with Kidz Management, you agree to our general terms and conditions as described on www.kidzmanagement.nl. In addition, each model signs a contract with Kidz Management.


If you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at +316-34446000. Your trust is paramount to us, and in return, we entrust you with our commitment!